Hidden and Cropped Photos

MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Registered Users Posts: 67 Big grins
What I understand from the support heroes (before I found this forum) is the following:
* hidden photos on Phanfare will not be hidden when migrated to SmugMug.
* cropped/rotated photos on Phanfare will not be cropped/rotated when migrated to SmugMug.

Have people found these statements to be true? I'd previously migrated some Phanfare albums to SmugMug a few years ago with the Smugglr tool. I reviewed those migrations tonight and found that if a picture was hidden on Phanfare that it remained hidden on SmugMug. Also cropped/rotated pictures transferred over properly with Smuggler, too. The big problem I found with Smugglr was that it didn't grab the descriptions of sections.

I guess if the official migration tool has these problems that I can consider using my previously-migrated albums in those situations. *sigh* I just have to find time to do all this and I'm already several months behind on being current with my family photos. I was catching up until Carbonite decided to kill Phanfare.

If anyone has some albums with hidden and cropped pictures, you can always try the Smugglr tool on those albums to see if that does a better migration job for you.


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    rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,566 Major grins

    Hi Mike,
    I checked with our team and photos will be migrated regardless of their state on Phanfare as long as they're in a format we support. Hidden photos will also be hidden on SmugMug.
    Crops and edits made on Phanfare are not something that are carried over as we only migrate your originals.

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    MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Registered Users Posts: 67 Big grins

    Thanks for the confirmation on what happens. If anyone has made edits on Phanfare, I suggest you try Smugglr to migrate those albums in your remaining days. My experience with Smugglr (as of ~2014) was that it imported your edited photos instead of the originals. I don't know if it still works that way, but it's something to try.

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    KarinaExPhanfareKarinaExPhanfare Registered Users Posts: 95 Big grins

    I can confirm that any photos I had hidden are definitely showing as hidden since migrating.

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