Notification for Downloaded Content

Kevin PaulKevin Paul Registered Users Posts: 66 Big grins

Can we get a way to know when our clients have downloaded images, or their gallery?

Many of us customers sell files and galleries. It would be great for us to know if our client had downloaded the images or the gallery yet. You could do it by email notifications (which is probably the worst way since we'd get an email everytime), or maybe add something to the gallery setup window so we could visibily see. Perhaps under the download on and off button. Create something- Have the images in this gallery been downloaded? and have a yes or no box that auto populates.

It seems trivial but for portrait folks like me, and the hundreds if not thousands of other portrait folks who use, or maybe would use your platform, knowing if someone has downloaded the images is a big deal for us. It would be a huge selling point.

To add to that, if someone downloads their entire gallery, Smug Mug collects their email address. Why don't us users get a copy of that email address for our files?


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