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For the most part all of my videos have come over ok except for some from my ancient 2001 digicam so i will need to reformat them.

The current videos that havent migrated - and are getting a "wrong format" error if I try to upload them are those where my sister in law sends me videos of my niece from her iphone to my iphone. Then I download them to iPhoto. They download as .mov

Its not accepting them so I ran a few through iskysoft converter - trying both .mp4 and .avi and both get the same red error when I try to upload them into a gallery.

Other videos taken on my iphone have uploaded fine. It seems to be the ones sent to me via SMS.


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    I am also a former Phanfare user and have used Smugmug for a couple years. I sometimes have this problem with Smugmug with some of my videos as well. Some of my videos from my older cell phones don't get uploaded to Smugmug and get a red "x," especially my old .3gp videos. These old .3gp videos are small files, 320 x 240 in dimensions. So, I go to ( and convert them to 640 x 480 in mp4 format ( - that is, at "optional settings," I type in "640 x 480" where it says "Change screen size" -- and then these videos are able to be uploaded to Smugmug.
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    I will have a bit of a play with what you have suggested - thanks cameradad.

  • KarinaExPhanfareKarinaExPhanfare Registered Users Posts: 95 Big grins

    Hi Cameradad - just feeding back a thankyou.

    I created a "favourite conversion mode" in iskysoft for all iphone videos from my sister in law (her iphone is an old 4) to ensure they are always done as 640x480. Todays ones have all uploaded into smugmug fine.

    Thanks for the tip !

    Wondering if you happen to know of a good ap or freebie program for rotating videos ? Obviously I got into the habit of Phanfare doing it for me.

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