Editing Photos: Title vs. Caption

MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Registered Users Posts: 67 Big grins

Phanfare let us edit the photo caption. I don't believe there was a way to edit the title. What I see when reviewing photos in SmugMug is that the Title seems to be what's preferred and the Caption is more hidden. I don't see the Caption unless I hover over the EXIF information at the bottom of the photo, then a translucent bar raises and shows some basic EXIF info: Title, Caption, Keywords.

I can't find any way in SmugMug to pin this info bar so it always appears and it's becoming annoying to have to hover over this bar at the bottom of each photo if I want to see the caption. This is when I'm in edit (organize) mode. Is there any way to make the bar always fully appear so I don't have to keep moving my mouse down to the bottom to see the additional information?


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