Ugh - gallery image sequence spontaneously changed!

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I have a gallery containing over 3,000 images which I have progressively build up over ten years (my daily blog, link below). The gallery sequence is set to "manual". Moments ago, after moving the location of one image (only one, I'm certain) in the organiser and clicking "done", my gallery is now in a completely unrecognisable sequence.

SmugMug has had a hiccup. If the gallery contained only a few images, the implications would be trivial. However, now I have chaos! How can I roll back to the previous (correct) sequence? What other options do I have?


  • W.W. WebsterW.W. Webster Happily mirrorfree Posts: 3,187Registered Users Major grins

    I discovered what happened and have managed to reverse it. SmugMug had taken a block of 2,851 images beginning with the second and shifted them as a group to the back of the gallery.

    Bizarre! But at least, when I worked out what happened, I was able to move the complete block back to where they should be.


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    Glad to know you were able to fix it. Could you let me know which gallery it was so we can dig into why it did that, and make sure it doesn't happen again?

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    Note: it might be a good idea before moving or copying photos look at the number selected at the very top in Organizer. I've had this problem in the past were multiple photos seem to get selected moving the mouse around.

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    Same thing has happened to one of my galleries with over 1400 photos. I was uploading to it last night and noticed the order was wrong so I left it to this morning to double check. I've spent the past few hours trying to remember the order they were in before. This is not good. This was not a block but the last few hundred photos were rearranged at random.

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