Publishing from lightroom after accidentally deleting Smugmug gallery.

SuzlestageSuzlestage Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
I have a gallery that I accidentally deleted. It contained 14 folders. I need to re upload these today via Lightroom. My lightroom is not cooperating, saying it cannot di it. Ive triedinstalling new smugmug pugin, redoing all of the folders in lightroom. Nothing seems to work. Is there a step by step way to re-upload starting again?


  • FergusonFerguson Registered Users Posts: 1,332 Major grins

    Write to the help desk and they can probably put the galleries back. I know they did once for me when I deleted one that had some non-lightroom images that would have been hard to recreate.

    When I've done that and tried to recover, I found I had to delete the published gallery in Lightroom and recreate it, but if SM puts it back there should be no issue, I think you can sync and publish. Something else to try is recreate the gallery on smugmug with the same URL and in the same place (empty) and see if it will publish to it.

    But I really think they will have it back for you in no time. Write h[email protected], tell them your nickname/url and what galleries.

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    Hi Suzlestage,

    Please write to the support heroes at [email protected] with the name of the folder that you accidentally deleted.
    We can often recover deleted folders.

    SmugMug Support Hero


    SmugMug Hero
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