smugmug.auth.checkAccessToken : invalid/expired token

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Hi there,

In our PicBackMan & Mambouploader application we are getting invalid/expired token error message when trying to GET checkAccessToken method. Its working when we connect SmugMug account for the first time but while further use (Upload,Album list) of same token then this error coming regularly. We have been looking into this for the past several hours and it looks like we are seeing some unexpected behavior from the SmugMug API. Here' the message we are seeing (which was not the case earlier):

{"stat":"fail","method":"smugmug.auth.checkAccessToken","code":36,"message":"invalid/expired token"}

It looks like after authenticating the SmugMug account, the token is expiring in a few minutes. Can you please let us know if there has been a change with regards to the API/token etc?



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    Hi Saurav,

    Is this something that has been working previously and just started failing? If so, do you know when it started failing? What version of the api are you using?

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  • Saurav AnandSaurav Anand Beginner grinner Posts: 4Registered Users Beginner grinner

    Thanks for your reply. i'm validating SmugMug token with below end point:

    For sometimes its working but then after suddenly start to giving token expired/invalid error message. We are using this method for a long time with same code block but since last 3-4 days we are facing this issue and its coming all of a sudden.
    Anything changed with the API? That invalid error message used to throw by API itself to the client.
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