Smugglr vs automatic Migration Tool

darryldarryl Registered Users Posts: 997 Major grins

I have a second, much smaller Phanfare site (28 albums, 2000+ photos), so I decided to try the Smugglr tool to try migrating it to SmugMug.


It seems to have stalled out at 23 albums, which is odd, but what is notable is that it is putting my albums into folders dated by YEAR, which did not happen with my main Phanfare site. :-/

Not sure if Smugglr can do its thing any faster than the official tool, and at this point, maybe it's too late to try.


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    MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Registered Users Posts: 67 Big grins
    edited May 28, 2017

    I did all of my albums, 1950-2014 back around 2015 using Smugglr. I remember people had some issues with the tool. I just did them in chunks. It seemed to work okay. It was more work than the automatic migration tool, but it worked fine for me. The big problem I had was that Smugglr did not migrate the descriptions for subsections. The migration tool does do that and more.

    Also, I believe Smugglr migrated edited photos. Migration tool migrated original photos.

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