Google Abandons Its Nik Collection

cmasoncmason Old dog, new tricksRaleigh, NCRegistered Users Posts: 2,506 Major grins

Noooooooo! Well, the day Google bought Nik Software I knew this day was coming. Just sad to see it here. Sigh. Tell you favorite Nik story to console us all.


  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,638 moderator
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    Once they started giving it away for free, it was only a matter of time I suppose. I use Silver Efex Pro 2 in all my processing--even the color shots have a B&W layer in luminosity mode for contrast, structure and sharpening. Nothing else I've tried has the same speed, power and flexibility. I'm not going to panic though. Unless Adobe or Apple do something to break compatibility in the future, it could be usable for years. I'm less concerned about Microsoft, which has generally been good about continuity--I'm still using Office 2000 on Win7 and it works just fine. Hopefully by the time it becomes unusable/uninstallable there will be something just as good or better on the market.

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    Google has a habit of doing this sort of thing. They buy things, take out pieces that they really like (code/patents/etc) and basically stop supporting the original package despite how many people like it or the potential it has. Obviously it works for them or they wouldn't do it so often.


  • cmasoncmason Old dog, new tricks Raleigh, NCRegistered Users Posts: 2,506 Major grins
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    Agree, this is a common Google method. They bought Nik Software for Snapseed, as they needed a good tool for photo editing on Android. I am not sure the Nik Collection was of any interest, and I was rather surprised they didn't cancel it immediately at the time. In any case, I appreciated the huge price discount, though as Richard said, when it went to free, you could hear the other shoe drop.

    I like and use Snapseed, and it seems to be current. Just waiting for the day when they embed Snapseed into Google Photos, and the standalone disappears.

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    Save the Nik Collection!

    Sascha Rheker Germany, Sign this petition:

    (ziggy note: You need to supply your e-mail to sign this petition. I am unaware how "" uses this information. Probably best to use a secondary e-mail in any case.)

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    I just heard. Crap. I use Nik all the time. I heard Macphun is the nearest equivalent (Windows version will be out soon, reportedly)?

  • pugokepugoke SoCalRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
    DxO says "Nik Software U-Point® technology is now fully integrated with DxO PhotoLab’s non-destructive workflow.". I am too new to be allowed to post a link. You can find info on the DxO PhotoLab features page.
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    very nice
  • DyunDyun CARegistered Users Posts: 45 Big grins
    Definitely looking forward to DxO PhotoLab Elite update in early June. I really hope they improve the "heal" or "clone" tool. It's been a great program except for that particular feature.
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