Query re dragging from iPhoto into Organiser

KarinaExPhanfareKarinaExPhanfare Registered Users Posts: 94 Big grins

I have noticed something today as I have been creating a new travel folder & galleries for a recent trip.

I usually flag my favourite photos in iPhoto then drag straight into Phanfare - where they all appear in the exact order they were in the favourites folder in iPhoto. (In many cases I have taken photos on 2 different cameras with different file names).

Today as I am dragging them into a new gallery I see that no matter what order I have them in in iphoto favourites (which sorts by the time taken as that is my preference to ensure they are all in chrono order) - they are landing in the new gallery in whatever order they please - meaning I still have to sit and re-order every single one.

When we are talking hundreds of photos - thats pretty time consuming and painful.

How can I ensure that the photos load/appear in the order I am dragging them ?


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