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Hi -
I have a long distance friend who has an image she wants me to edit in Photoshop. She took the image with a Nikon D500. What is the best electronic method to get images from a person without affecting the file size and quality? I believe it is compressed when emailed correct?


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    In my opinion emailing large files is a non-starter; I won't open files emailed to me.

    You might consider using an online file sharing site. Some are free; many are not. You can find them by doing a search for file sharing sites.

    Two examples:

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    No, attachments are not compressed by any of the systems I've used. Gmail allows up to a 25MB file. This is probably going to be enough for any jpg and most nef files as well if lossless compression is used. It depends on the quality and bit depth settings. If gmail complains, it will give you the option of putting the file in the cloud on the G Drive, which you both could access.


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    I prefer to compress files into a ZIP format first, and many zip compressors allow segmenting the file into smaller files which can be recombined at the end point back to original, bit-for-bit identical-to-original. You can usually also compress and segment an entire directory into smaller files too. Segmentation can help with poor connections.

    An FTP file service, or one of the 'Secure' FTP variants, can be used for faster communication from computer-to-computer, depending upon the computer literacy of those using the systems. (For instance, effectively you set up a temporary FTP repository on your computer and inform your friend of the address, and they use an FTP client to directly send the files to your computer. You can additionally set up a VPN, Virtual Private Network, between the computers to help guard against intrusion.)

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    I used once on behalf of another local snapper to send 25 or so pics in one go to an agency. Total upload was about around 350Mb or so, iirc.

    If, as seems likely, you're only going to be dealing with one pic tho - and by arrangement - I'd not bother, and just use email with best quality jpg settings.


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    Drop box and FTP are basically the go to these days.


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