Pic Monkey Won't save to my Smugmug galleries

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It has always worked, but I cannot save my changes made in Pic Monkey


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    edited June 9, 2017

    It has always worked, but I cannot save my changes made in Pic Monkey

    Confirmed. Definitely won't save back to Smugmug. It broken! I have experienced periodic Picmonkey outages in the past, so I know it isn't bullet-proof. They've fixed it in a day the last couple times when Smugmug notifies them. PicMonkey uses their own servers, so it is likely a Picmonkey problem rather than Smugmug's.

    Sharing is also broken. I tried to email an edited photo, and no joy.

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    I just saw this on the SmugMug Status page:

    Identified - Our image editor "PicMonkey" is currently not functioning correctly. We’ll take a closer look and will update you when the PicMonkey team has a fix.
    Jun 9, 11:26 PDT

  • dlplumerdlplumer Major grins Registered Users Posts: 8,053 Major grins
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    PicMonkey not saving edits. Any ideas how to fix?
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    I think SmugMug no longer supports PicMonkey. It's a fairly recent change.

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    That is correct. We no longer offer PicMonkey as a built in editor in your galleries. You can still use PicMonkey, but outside SmugMug - what does this mean? It means that you will need to upload your content directly to PicMonkey and then download it once you have finished editing it. If you want to have your edited content on your SmugMug website, you will need to upload the edited version of the photo to your SmugMug account.

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