Limit Lightroom Plugin sync to a single SM folder?

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I have a number of SM folders that contain photos uploaded by others directly to my SM site. If I try to use sync, I get mismatches for all those photos. This causes me to give up and cancel sync. Is there a way to limit sync to just the one folder (and subfolders/galleries) that contain MY photos?



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    Yes! If you right-click on any folder or gallery in the plugin, you can click Edit Gallery or Edit Folder. There's a Sync Photos box here that will sync the photos in just that one gallery or folder.

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    Worked perfectly, thanks.


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    I think that I am having the same issue, but I don't understand the solution. I have photos in one SM gallery that have been uploaded from many different people. I also have a large LR catalog. When I try syncing photos in just the one SM gallery, the plugin syncs photos from throughout my catalog, just based on file name, apparently. Even though I hit cancel on the sync, every photo with a name match is now synced!

    First, there is no un-sync. Right? This is an issue because now if I make a change to any of these wrongly synced in LR, I will end up publishing it to the wrong SM gallery.

    Two, I presume that the original poster was having the same issue. Is there a way to limit which LR folder is to be used for the sync?
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    Right click the folder in the publish service and select edit gallery.
    Then check the sync photos box.

    Then only that gallery will sync and not your whole catalog.

    Andy K
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    To add to what Andy said, of course you also have to check that in the Lightroom Publishing Manager > SmugMug publish service you have to make sure that "sync photos" is not checked.

    The sync photo feature not only takes filenames into account, but generally also relevant metadata included in the photos to try to find the best match.

    If you still have an issue with this, I would suggest that you contact us with details on our HelpDesk so we may investigate this further. This may be difficult on the forum as we may need some sample photos to look at.

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