FS: Canon 180mm f/3.5 USM Macro *Like New* - $980

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I have a Near Mint Canon 180mm f/3.5 USM Macro for Sale

I'm selling off a few lens i don't regularly use. It's very rare that I use my macro lenses, but I have found that i use my 100 2.8 IS Macro more often than this lens.

I have used this lens 3-5 times. It never even left my house. It resides on a shelf in my safe. I have included a few pics I took with this lens

What's included:
Lens Hood
Lens Bag
Tripod Lens Collar
Unfilled warranty card

I'm not in a rush to sell, but i will entertain offers. Send me your offer because you never know. You might catch me on the right day.

I will respond quickly to calls, text, and emails.
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