Smugmug Plugin Doesn't Push Modified Photos?

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UPDATE: someone pointed me to the publish file type setting - which was set to 'original'. Problem solved - sorry for the misspost.

I truly apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, but I've looked and haven't found this exact question.

I've been transitioning fully to Lightroom from another product and in the course of organizing, have taken time to develop some photos and push them up to Smugmug via the LR plugin.

I've noticed now that even though I developed the photos (JPGs) and they show as modified in my collections, when I republish the image, the modified image isn't what I see. The original is still on Smugmug and the modified images, still on my hard drive. I've uninstalled the plugin completely and reinstalled; I have the most current version. (Win10, CC, up to date) I've cleared my browser (Chrome) cache.

The only way I've seen the modified images is to export them as JPG to another location, reimport the modified JPG, delete the originals from Smugmug, then push only the final version of the modded files. That seems to defeat the simplicity of the plugin and, isn't how I remembering this working before.

What am I doing wrong - and what else should I try?


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