Phanfare Migration and Collected Photos on Subsites: I want my originals in one place

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The Phanfare migration did a pretty good job of moving everything over and keeping things together. I appreciate the SmugMug team's efforts to make it work as well as it did. Now that I'm trying to deal with the end results of the migration I see one painful problem: I had several subsites and the way that @leftquark explained the migration worked is that the first time they encountered a photo they kept the original where it was and then any other occurrences were collected to the original.

The problem with the end result is that I want to have all my "originals" in one place and then collect them to different folders for sharing purposes, but the migration left originals are all over the place (and to be fair to the dev team, it may not have been easy to come up with a different or better end result because you probably would have needed some implementation knowledge from each user). For example, I found the originals of last summer's vacation galleries to be scattered in several places. I'd really like a button on a gallery to say "make all photos in this gallery originals". That option would then find any collected images in the gallery and turn them into originals and change the locations of the formerly-original photos to collected photos. Maybe this could be a helpful SmugMug option in general.


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    Yea ... the sub-site option was something that was a little tough for us to try to re-create but it did mostly translate using the collected images. Of all the things people have asked, I haven't heard too much around wanting to move around where photos were collected vs. originally uploaded since people typically upload them to a place that makes sense to their organization structure but it's certainly something we can continue to gather feedback on.

    The Organizer does show which are collected and so in this particular case if one image in the album is collected, they all are.

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