Hiding Camera Info also hides it from me???

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I appears that if I hide camera info on a gallery that I can't even see it when I'm logged in. I was trying to find the date of a photo and couldn't find it at all...then I changed the gallery settings to show camera info and I could see it. Then I had to turn it off again because it's not information I want to share. What's up with that? It doesn't make any sense.


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    Using CSS you could hide the "photo info" button when not logged in.

    Just remember some peeps know how to defeat CSS.

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    leftquarkleftquark Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,784 Many Grins

    For the most part we try to display the same page to you as we would your customers. If we ignored the setting because you were the logged-in owner, you might get worried that your visitors would also see it. That would create the need for some kind of "Visitor View" of the site, which is also equally confusing to have to figure out (and a feature we used to have but created more heart-burn for our customers than it helped solve). I generally leave Photo Info set to ON, because there's nothing in there that I'm worried about people seeing, and I don't mind sharing what camera settings were used for the photo lovers that are curious about that kind of stuff.

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