Best way to sell Canon Cameras

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I have 3 Canon SLRs from the original Canon Digital Rebel to the 7d. I also have lots of lenses. I am thinking I will sell it all, and just get one new full frame camera. I recently bought the Fujifilm x100f and that is a great go to everyday camera. What are these cameras worth? If one or more of them are not worth the hassle of selling for <$100 then what's the best charitable organization to donate to? Schools perhaps? What do you all do with old equipment?

Canon Digital Rebel
Canon 40d
Canon 7d



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    High-end lenses typically hold their value better than camera bodies. What lenses do you have?

    Of the bodies you have, the Canon EOS 7D is still reasonably current and capable. (I have a copy and have used it for weddings and events (the candids) and even for my own kid's family stuff.) It does suffer a bit with focus in low light unless you use an external flash with an AF-Assist light, like the venerable, original Canon 580EX, or a new Godox v860/Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2. (Do make sure to use a flash modifier appropriate for your needs.)

    For valuations, check out places like, (used section), (used section), etc. You could probably ask for about 60 percent of whatever they are charging for the same condition body. (Private sales are almost always less than those companies' listed prices.)

    Yes, schools are often looking for good working camera systems.

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