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Hi every new here.and actually im new to photography aswell.i live in mombasa kenya and there are no photography courses available here.i know i might be in the wrong there any thread for beginners?i also want to go into wild life photography.we do alot of game drives.


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    I also wanted to ask if this forum is for bird lovers only or also other wild life.i do love birds unfortunately ive only got the kit lens till now which dosnt give me much freedom to photograph birds as the zoom is very have only been doing larger animals tills now but do hope to upgrade my gear sorry i know this might sound very pathetic to most people guys all look like pros.
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    Im trying to add a photo but dont know how to do it
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    Hi Lisa and welcome to Dgrin All kinds of animals are fine, though there used to be a prejudice against squirrels . I don't know that there are any specific links here for complete beginners--I'm sure Google can provide several million--but you might check out the Tips and Resources thread for wildlife shooters.

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    Thanks.i hardly see sqirrels here i dont think we have many of them around
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    I will post some of my images the only problem is that i do not yet have a laptop so had to connect my camera to the tv tnan take a photo with my phone to get the photo on here.please dont laugh guys :#
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    Please feel free to coment on any really trying to learn.the images were edited on camera.
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    All photos were taken at tsavo east national park.the camera a nikon d3200 with the kit lens.18-55mm
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    Lions at tsavo east
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    Well, imo you're already doing the most important thing - going out and actually taking photos'
    Uploading them for others to look at and comment on is also a course of action that many suggest can be a useful learning experience - although there can be many different agendas in play with this.

    A simple - but often overlooked / not done (imo) approach with wildlife shots is to get down to the subjects eye level -or, in the case of large animals - as low as possible to ground / water level. Doing this won't miraculously make a rubbish shot brilliant - but it often makes good shots better - and importantly, if you want your shots to be different from the vast majority of shots you'll see on the net - they will look different - because most people just stand and shoot. The position of the horizon and the way the foreground / background is rendered in frame is always a clue to this low viewpoint technique.

    I've no idea what you're allowed to do re health and safety reasons, but if you're able to get out of the vehicle and do the above - it'll make a difference.

    Yes you've got some gear limitations at the moment - but with a shot of the carcase (pic ending ...h4qx) it might have been an idea to get even closer (and lower?) to concentrate on a particular aspect of the head (maybe?) as well as shots with the whole carcase in frame?

    I have no idea about the specs of the gear / phone you have - but I did wonder if it's possible to connect them via usb (say) and upload pics this way, rather than how you did these?

    The mental checklist I try to follow is

    You might also find these tips worth a read?
    Also too?

    Looking at others' pics, analysing them to figure out what works - and doesn't - can also be a route to evolving your own look / feel - rather than trying to copy these pics - this also applies to anything you read - like what I've written - don't assume I know what I'm talking about, just because I've bothered to take the time to write it :)


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    Hi paul.thanks so much for taking the time to explain to me.i will definately take these tips and put them to action.and ill make sure to poste the outcome thaks check out the link you send too.ive kindof figured out how to get the photos o to my ipad since i dont have a laptop yet but its much better than before.i like the idea of trying the shots from diffrent angles and poses.i did get down of the vehicle the only problem is that i need to grt really close to the animals and they are often skidish or agressive but i hope when i get a better lense this problem will be over.Ill post any new photos.hope ill be able to get them abit better☺

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