Mini Challenge #248: Defining Boundaries: RESULTS

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Thanks for all of the very fine entries - you all made this a VERY difficult mini to judge. Here are the results / comments:

@grandmaR : of your three I liked the the "Quack Quacks" the most - I too wanted to see the ducks!
@BeautifulWorld : this much-photographed gate is certainly though-provoking but IMO the composition could have been even better by a little judicious use of DOF (the background was too in focus and distracting for me). Also, I might have either taken a step to the left at the time of shooting or a done little distortion correction in post-processing to make the gate straighter.

Honorable Mention

@JAG: Barbados sheep fence

Joyce, I like that the fence with its scraggly sheep hairs is the entire focus of the picture. Good shot, good crop, although @Stumblebum would probably want you to zap those three slightly distracting blades of grass in the lower center :-) .

@pegelli : Please stay off the golf course

Pieter, For this one you get the humour HM! Not only is it a well-composed shot, It tells me exactly what the story is behind this fence. No explanation necessary!

@CHANDLERJA : Hanging out

Jeromy, although I also liked your "Home on the range" shot, in "Hanging out" I love how each of the boys has a different "relationship" with the gate which probably reflects their individual personalities. Great timing, nice framing.


@redleash: Into the Maine Woods

Lauren, I liked all three of yours very much but the stone wall was my favorite. Lovely use of DOF, nicely framed and good color balance which I don't always find easy in shady forests. I also enjoyed your special bonus shot of Denise!

@DavidRGillespie: Big Bar Lake, BC

David, this is a lovely composition that caught my eye because the fence is the primary focus of the picture. I also liked the split rail fence a lot.

SECOND PLACE ANOTHER TIE!! (Sorry, but I just couldn't decide)

@Cavalier: Cool Hills Ranch Gate

Jo, you chose a great set of three but I like this one the most. It's a wonderful composition. I love how the halters are draped over the fence - I can picture the "other life" of this fence during the active daytime before these beautiful (and beautifully captured!) evening hours.

@StueveShots: Home

Stueveshots, a lovely composition and exposure. I can picture the car turning into the drive or a pair comfortably perching on the fence shootin' the breeze.

First Place THE WINNER

@sapphire73: Crooked Fence

Gretchen, you also had a great set of three, but this one was really a winner for me. Lovely mood, composition and bw conversion. Great shot!!!

And so, Gretchen, I'll hand off to you - can't wait to see what you come up with.



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