Poor video quality at start

runswithsizzersrunswithsizzers Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins

The first 5-6 seconds of my SmugMug videos look like crap!

Personally, if I clicked on a video play button, and saw the pixelated mess SmugMug is serving up, I would close the window ASAP and go look at something else. I am too embarrassed to ask friends and relatives to look my videos on SmugMug due to the poor quality they are going to see up front.

Amateur videos posted on Flikr, YouTube, etc. do not have this problem; what do they know that SmugMug does not?

Please fix this.


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    SquareNailSquareNail Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
    and STILL happening in 2021. It's crap quite frankly. I've noticed it's not just the first 5 seconds, and not only the first 5 seconds. It comes and goes and seems it might be related to movement, or the lack of it. If I had to hazard a guess I think they're applying a poor compression algo that looks to minimise size and thus if no movement applies some sort of pixel cut-over to the next vid segment, for want of a better description.

    Back in the day, say 2017 when I pressed this with support they.
    1. denied they could see the problem (absolute BS)
    2. after insisting the issue smugmug eventually responded like; "well were primarily a photo sharing and storage service we suggest going elsewhere for video"
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