Feature Image not migrated

MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Big grinsSouthern CaliforniaPosts: 67Registered Users Big grins

As I'm starting to spend more time with my migrated galleries, I realize the Feature Image for each gallery was not set by the migration process. That would have been nice. I don't know if the album cover was accessible via the Phanfare API. Phanfare is still alive; we're all just locked out. I don't know if it's possible or feasible to grab all these and update our SmugMug galleries with the feature image. It would be nice.


  • darryldarryl Major grins Posts: 1,001Registered Users Major grins

    Hi Mike - I just tried hitting the API, and got: Connection failed: AccountDisabled

    So I think we're out of luck.

  • MikeLaurelMikeLaurel Big grins Southern CaliforniaPosts: 67Registered Users Big grins

    It would have to be SmugMug doing it by discussing the migration with Carbonite; our accounts are locked out.

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