Can I add a free image download with an order?

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Hi! Doing team and individual photos of several soccer team. Ideally would like to skip the envelopes/paper method and make them available online - either digital download or print order. Anticipating that once a team photo is downloaded it can be shared, I was thinking of including a free download of the team photo with the order of the individual photo.
Can this be done? Or is there an efficient way of accomplishing what I am trying to do?
Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts.


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    Its not possible to add the download automatically but you can put the team photo in a separate gallery and create a print credit coupon. Restricting the coupon to just that one gallery and only apply to downloads would allow customers to add the team photo to the cart for free. Customers would need to enter that coupon during checkout to get the free download.

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    I wish there was a way for digital downloads to be available as part of packages. I know this is on the feature list but just figured I'd reiterate it here.

    It would be a great solution for these situations.


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    Hi Chris,

    You can effectively do this with coupons, if you have a business level account. You could create an Amount Off coupon for the cost of a download. Then, click the RESTRICTIONS tab and set it so that it only applies to downloads (catalog restriction) and also set a minimum order amount, so that it is free WITH the purchase of another item.

    The customer would then add the download to their shopping cart and enter the coupon code at checkout.

    Thank you for the feedback regarding downloads in packages!

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, we are always happy to help.

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