SmugMug for Android App problem: Now can't see whole gallery titles when choosing for Auto-uploads

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In the SmugMug for Android app, this was not formerly a problam. It just cropped up with a recent update. It's highly frustrating! When selecting a gallery for Auto-uploading, we used to be able to see the entire name of the gallery. Now it's truncated. I can no longer see whole gallery titles when trying to select one... therefore, in my case, where the last part of the title is the critical part, it's like completely choosing while blindfolded!

I have a bunch of Mobile Uploads galleries set up to accept Auto Uploads & they all say something like Mobile Upload Gallery 281 (for instance). Well, since the end is cut off, I see no numbers. I have to just pick one, & if it's not right (Can't tell till I get back to the ''Settings" area & see what I picked!) then I have to go back in again through each folder / gallery level. What a mess. Please, get this fixed as soon as possible! I sure don't want to be dealing with it when I'm traveling overseas & trying to avoid data usage. I also can't say for certain that this is the only time titles are truncated. There are likely other selection dialogues that would have the same issue. I'll post back if I see any.


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    We haven't changed anything in the Android app around this in quite some time. Is it possible you changed Android devices to one with a different screen? Would you let us know which device you're using?

    Regardless, we'll take the feedback back to the team.

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    Sorry-- I meant to say what device I'm on . It's the Samsung Note 5 (which, incidentally, has a huge screen compared to many. But no, I'm on the same device I've been on for more than a yr & a half... maybe 2 yrs. A month ago, I could at least see my gallery numbers. I don't recall if I could see the entire title. But I haven't changed the way I title the galleries in that folder, & I know I didn't have trouble choosing galleries for Auto-upload in the past. At any rate, gallery titles should be completely visible in any "picker" dialog, no matter which device we're on. I still have an old Samsung S4 & also a Galaxy Tab A. I'll check them to see how much of the titles are visible.

    Another thing that I consider a bug or at least a serious defect in the SmugMug app is that there are only 2 options for Auto-Upload: 1. Upload over WiFi or data. **2, ** Upload over WiFi only _ . We seriously need the 3rd option that is present in all the other auto-uploaders I've used-- '_Upload over Wi-Fi ONLY when charging". Why is this so critical, you may ask? Here's why: Uploading quickly drains batteries. It also heats up the CPU, as does using a camera or video app. What often happens to me is that I'm in my backyard (still on WiFi but not charging) & trying to use my camera or video. Meanwhile, photos I just took a few secs ago are trying to upload. Everything gets slowed down & heated up, & if I'm shooting, I don't want my battery draining. I used to use the Instant SmugMug app instead for this reason. (It had uploading over WiFi only while charging). But it hasn't been working in the past few mos (it won't recognize my SmugMug acct or login or something, & I don't even see it in the app store anymore, so I assume it's not being developed or supported anymore. I dearly hope this option exists by a month from now when I'll be traveling, since that's when it's the most annoying.

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