Wedding/Fashion Spring Look Book with My Bare Sandals

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My client Anna owns a business that makes really stylish sandals, hand, and foot jewelry. I was hired to photograph their spring look book, and I'm really stoked with how these images came out. Here are some of my favorites :)

The rest of the set is on my blog :)

wedding portfolio
fashion portfolio


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    Beautiful set. She looks very naturally posed and the shots show off the hand/foot jewelry nicely. You should be proud of these! The only quibble I have is why the pose balancing on the roof in #12 and 13. Being a devoted Acrophobic, those two made me very nervous!

  • michaelglennmichaelglenn Registered Users Posts: 442 Major grins

    @Cavalier Thank you! I was very happy with the end result. Photographing jewelry is a whole new beast to me. I photographed completely different than I normally do (much narrower apertures).

    I have some behind the scenes below :)

    That's my photo assistant Tyler setting up the reflector. The light was really nice in here.

    MUA and hair stylist prepping for the shot :)

    My pretend girlfriend.

    And the roof shot was probably more scary for me than the model, haha. Luckily there was a ledge on the other side. And as you can see, the roof was easy to access with the flat platform.

    wedding portfolio
    fashion portfolio
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