Old as me

TonyCooperTonyCooper Major grinsPosts: 2,220Registered Users Major grins

Old as me, but in better shape

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida


  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 6,872Registered Users Major grins

    Great comp!!

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyPosts: 1,773Registered Users Major grins

    Beautiful picture, beautiful car. What is it?

  • TonyCooperTonyCooper Major grins Posts: 2,220Registered Users Major grins

    Buick from the 1930s.

    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Posts: 1,464Registered Users Major grins

    @TonyCooper said:
    Old as me, but in better shape

    Better paint...........

    It is better to die on you feet than to live on your knees.....Emiliano Zapata
  • Jørgen_BjerringJørgen_Bjerring Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 3,767Registered Users Many Grins

    Fine cars and photo. Old as you ... In general the problem is to find a person who will nurse you the way yesterday car owners nurse their cars. :D

    Jørgen Bjerring
    Photos: https://jb-photos.smugmug.com/
    The one who takes a joke only for a joke and seriousness only seriously he and she have got both badly. Grook by Piet Hein in my poor translation.

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