Visibility of Galleries Within an Unlisted Folder

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I tried searching for this and the posts that touch on this seem to be 3 or 4 years old without any resolution.
I am trying to create an Unlisted folder that I can share and create some galleries within that folder that inherit all the permissions.
I finally was able to get my structure:

Parent1 ( Folder: Unlisted / Password )

  • Gallery1 (Gallery: Unlisted / Password-Inherited)
  • Gallery2 (Gallery: Unlisted / Password-Inherited)
  • Gallery3 (Gallery: Unlisted / Password-Inherited)

If I share direct links to Galleries, things seem to behave as expected,
but I I send a direct link for the Parent, it prompts for the password, and then shows an empty page (no galleries).
I was hoping to privately share the parent folder, and use the galleries to organize the images.


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    A folder containing only unlisted galleries will show to viewers other than the site owner as a blank folder.

    From the help page Gallery, page, and folder privacy settings:

    Anyone with the Link (Unlisted): Hidden from the Public

    Galleries visible by Anyone with the Link can’t be seen by the general public on your SmugMug site and aren't crawled by search engines. The only way someone can view them is if you (the site owner) give them a direct link. When you do that, it'll look something like this: //

    Have you looked at the private sharing capabilities of SmugMug? See the help page Share photos privately with only people I choose.

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    You'd need to set Gallery1, Gallery2, and Gallery3 to Public for them to show up in the folder Parent1. However, doing so, will allow anyone given the link to Gallery3 to see Parent1.

    If you're trying to restrict the galleries to specific people but still have them see certain galleries, then you can look up the "People I Choose" option that Denise pointed out.

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