Comments and likes from outside Smugmug, without the need to log in, please!

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I know this has been addressed already quite a long time ago, but nothing has been done so far...

I'm participating in other photography sites for more socialization, exposure, fun, etc., but I have all my pictures on SmugMug, and I'd like to share them.

I think this is good for me to diversify the marketing horizons, but at the same time good, if not great for Smugmug in terms of having incoming links, to the business site.

Unfortunately, I'm reluctant to place any links to my Smugmug gallery vs. direct uploads to those sites, because I cannot not get any comments or likes, or traffic to my Smugmug site... :(

I know the reason for not unlocking this feature is related to the possibility of receiving spam, but if we are notified about these comments, we can simply delete them.

On the other hand, this is actually a gross sales pitch from Smugmug. You are obliging people to make an account with your business (at least this is what it seems to be), in order to make a comment. Is this not a little cheap? It really doesn't look good, and in my opinion you are actually losing credibility and popularity.

Can you please make this feature available for the benefit of us, the users?



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    It's time for this. If you guys can't figure it out maybe Zenfolio can help. Just a thought.

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