Wildlife Mixture!!

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HI all,

It's been a while since I posted some shots from my regular-ish trips to various zoo's and the English countryside! Here's a few for critique/feedback, good or bad, it's all part of learning for me:

(makes a change from my normal uploads of various snakes and reptiles!)



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    I like the owl shot.

    the bat is really cool, but the palm trees throws it off a bit for some reason.

    The beetle is really good, so well done on that one.

    The fox shot is nice, although I do wish that it was facing the camera.


  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MAPosts: 12,116Super Moderators moderator

    My favorite of this set is the owl.

  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 7,412Registered Users Major grins

    Super set!

  • OriasOrias Big grins Posts: 19Registered Users Big grins

    Thanks very much for the feedback, appreciate it. I think the owl is one of the best too, I edited the background to make it B&W so the owl (mostly the eyes) "pop" a bit more.

    The Fruit Bat is from a recent holiday to the Maldives. They just appear out of nowhere and go back into the trees, so it's hard to "plan" a shot. This was about the best I could do for a shot that's vaguely in focus. But I agree, the tree does get in the way (I already removed quite a lot of it).

    The Fox is from the bottom our garden in England. I liked the way he sort of blended in with the golden hour sunlight, and it was like I was a hidden observer watching him hunt :). I did get a head-on shot though, just missed the focus very slightly:

    And one of him pouncing on some unsuspecting animal:

    Thanks again,

  • TasmanianTasmanian Quebec, CanadaPosts: 482Registered Users Major grins

    Absolutly Fantastic ! Love this set ! <3 <3 <3

  • cosmicrealitycosmicreality San Francisco, CaPosts: 26Registered Users Big grins
    Wow that fox is amazing. Love the first fox shot, but I also like the pouncing action one. You must've had a blast photographing this creature.

    San Francisco wedding photographer. My portfolio: chocostudio.com/city-hall/

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    What a great cocktail!

  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 7,412Registered Users Major grins

    Amazing work!

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