Cannot leave comments from mobile?

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I have comments enabled on some galleries but it appears that function only works when the site is viewed from a computer, on mobile there's no way to leave a comment. Even on desktop, if I resize the window to a mobile size the comment button disappears.

This is a problem for me because I ask clients to leave comments if they want a photo taken out of a project and they browse on their phones and can't comment.

Is there a way to make comments work from mobile?




  • PhyxiusPhyxius Registered Users Posts: 1,395 Major grins

    Hi! Currently the image comments are available in a SmugMug style gallery. For better viewing screens that are too small to display the SmugMug style will display in thumbnail style instead. So, on smaller devices like cell phones the screen will be too small to show the comment block while on most tablets the SmugMug style and comment block will be available.

    We do have a feature request in to address comments showing up in the other styles, which would allow them to show up in mobile as well.

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