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I don't know if this is the correct place to ask but hopefully, someone can help. I have all of a sudden started getting traffic, I mean a lot of traffic from countries where it would never serve me. Most of it comes from India, but I'm getting everything else from Asia, Russia, Uganda, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan and many others. I've always gotten a little of this which is understandable but now I'm seeing 13 pages yesterday. I did call GoDaddy and I've now hidden ownership of my site which I wasn't sure I needed to do. Is there anything else I can do from Smugmug? If I was top heavy with most of those coming from the U.S. it would be different altogether. What can I do if anything? Thanks for your help in advance!


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    Your site may have been picked up by some popular portal or other. Have you looked at the referring links? That might give you a clue. In any event, I'm not sure I understand what problem this is creating for you. Since the hits are showing in Statcounter, that means that people are viewing your galleries. Isn't that what you want?

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    Richard, thanks for the response. It's caused a big increase in unsolicited calls wanting to do editing for me. I suppose there is a real market in India for this kind of work. It's very annoying and the only way I can think of fixing that is to somehow keep them from being able to view my site. I guess I'll have to deal with it.

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