Night Runner

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To catch Milky Way on coast, you need, moonless, fogless, and cloudless conditions. You need to walk over slippery bluffs and avoid falling over, and get hit by waves when too close. You have to be by yourself out in dark unless you go on weekend and it is mad house. You have to let your setup get hit by waves, while you are posing and run over rocks and waves to get still for the shot. You need to avoid being ticketed. You need to forget about sleep. You need to deal with traffic jams due to road work and beach goers going home.

This year the conditions have co-operated more than others, so far. Below are my efforts.

1) Galactic Man

2) Interstellar Tower

3) Interstellar Portal

4) Galactic Bonfire

5) Passage to Stars

6) Signal to Other World

7) The Search

8) Shark Fin Milk

9) Search light

10) Ancient Launchpad

11) Galactic Touch

12) Boot Arch


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