Tote Bag Keepsake?

kdogkdog artistically challengedSan Jose, CAPosts: 11,536Administrators moderator

My customer is looking for a Tote Bag option. This Smugmug help page shows one as being available:

However, I don't see the Tote Bag on the pricelist. I see all the other keepsakes though. I use Bay Photo for my printing vendor if that makes any difference.

Any help here, guys? Thanks.



  • PhyxiusPhyxius SmugMug Support Specialist Huntingtown, MarylandPosts: 1,365Registered Users Major grins

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for contacting SmugMug.

    I apologize for any confusion. Currently tote bags are not available through the SmugMug shopping cart. I have alerted our team so that they are aware of them appearing on the catalog page. Thank you for the heads up!

    Best Regards,

    Christina Dale
    SmugMug Support Specialist -
    Equine Photography in Maryland - Dressage, Eventing, Hunters, Jumpers
  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAPosts: 11,536Administrators moderator

    Ok, thanks!

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