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Hi Guys and SM guru's

Is there a way one can back up your full site of galleries and text pages etc...of your current site to your local computer?




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    You can backup the photos in your galleries by using the download tool. See help page Download all images in a gallery.

    You might try Sherlock Photography's backup tool - http://www.sherlockphotography.org/Customisations/SmugMug-for-Chrome/Backup. This tool includes backup of text pages, HTML/CSS, and active theme. That's an old entry on his site; I assume it still works (in any case it's worth a try). Let us know if it works.

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    Hi Denise

    I have tried it but not sure it works, cant see to see text and or images displayed properly.

    Any other solutions?


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    @Limpopoboy said:
    Hi Denise

    I have tried it but not sure it works, cant see to see text and or images displayed properly.

    Any other solutions?


    I keep all of my images on my computer. I then upload the photos I want to SM.

    For text pages, I use 'Notepad++' to create my text pages using HTML and CSS. Those get saved to my computer. I then copy/paste the HTML/CSS to a HTML/CSS Block.

    I also save my theme's CSS on my computer.

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    If you're still interested in the topic, I wrote a software to make a full backup of all galleries, it can be downloaded from github, project: tommyblue/smugmug-backup (sorry, I can't post links as I'm a new user)
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    You may want to create new galleries, name them something like "Archive_1" and "Archive_2".
    Then "Collect" your photos to the new Archive galleries.

    Then you will only need to download the "Archive" galleries instead of all the original individual galleries.
    Please keep in mind each "Collected" gallery can only hold 1,000 photos.

    Here's how to collect photos to another gallery... https://help.smugmug.com/display-a-photo-in-multiple-galleries-ryaGgev1EBM

    As another suggestion, you may also want to consider using a program called RapidFetcher which you can get here for $10... https://diagram.co/rapidfetcher/ This is a third party company and not affiliated with SmugMug. But it will download all of your photos and maintain the folder and gallery hierarchy.

    For further assistance, please write to us at [email protected]

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    Thanks Vivian. Do you know if Smugmug has any plans to offer this as a service? Paid for if need be. I am a happy Smugmug user but getting increasingly nervous that I don't have a second offline copy of the last 15 years or so of photos. I'd like to be able to retain gallery hierarchies and all metadata including photo titles and captions.

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    I do as Hikin' Mike, keep all my originals on my computer and use SmugMug as the tool to present them to friends and family.
    The real backups are from my PC to a NAS and to some external hard drives

    Regards, Harald

    My focus is on digitizing memories
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