Talked into doing a newborn session

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My granddaughter gave birth in June and she asked me to do a newborn session for them. I am not a portrait photographer by any means, but agreed to do it. The setting was scary - a bedroom with very little room to work, harsh morning light coming in from one window, and a very unseasoned photographer! I brought a large sweater-blanket and some props that I found online. It turned out to be fun, but I'd like the chance to do it all again - and next time better. I guess I'll have to ask her to hurry up and get pregnant again so that I can practice my newborn shots! So here are some of the results:

1 - a BW

2 - Not the best lighting, but great attitude.

3 - She's dreaming of her Groot

4 - With a little bit of color background

5 - Yes, her name is Avery (a photo from the pregnancy shoot)


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