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I used to write a blog on blogspot and show the feed on a page in my smug mug site. I haven't done the blog thing in a while but want to start back up. I prefer not to use blogspot and just set up a photo blog through my site directly. But, either way, I can not find a way to display links to archived (older) blogs like a person would see when reading a blog off of blogspot. This is my blogspot page if you don't know what i am referring to Is there any way that smug mug can generate a menu tree as blogs are added? Or, is there a way to get the archived blog links to show up in my feed? I prefer keeping everything local to my site though. Ideas? Anyone done this already?


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    There is a tutorial on using SmugMug on making a photo blog at

    You can use a page for your top-level blog. On that page you can place the pages that contain each blog entry. That would create a blog archive of sorts, whether you choose to represent each blog page with a photo or a text link. Another option would be to create a folder for your blog. Add each blog page to that folder, and specify a sort option that shows the newest pages first within that folder.

    If your blog entries are mainly photos then placing it on your smug site makes sense to me. But if your blog entries are text - I much prefer the text editor on blogger. I might consider blogging on smug if I only created blog entries once in a while, but with my habit of blogging on most days a blogging platform works better for me. Plus it gives me the option to place inbound links to my smugmug site in my blog post. Obviously the blogging platform is a personal preference - either creating a blog within your smug site or using an outside blog platform can certainly work for you.

    Is this your smug site - Why are you allowing access to the original images? The originals do not have a watermark on them (since they are used for printing). Yes, I know, you have the right click warning turned on. It is a simple matter to look through the browser cache to find a URL that will allow access to the original image. It took me much less than a minute to access one of the original images on your site and save it locally. Yes, I've deleted it from my computer - that was just an exercise.

    I recommend that you set the maximum display size on your site to something smaller than Original.

    From the help page Protecting my images:

    FYI: SmugMug's right-click protection does not protect an image in non-gallery places such as forums, blogs, or Share emails. To keep your images out of forums and blogs, block external links (see above).

    Right-click protection is a deterrent for image theft, but it shouldn't be considered foolproof. To truly protect your images, lock galleries with a password or apply a watermark and disable your originals.

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    For blogging on SmugMug, what you can do is create a "Page" on SmugMug where you can create your posts with text and photos.
    Here are the details on how to do this...


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