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I ran a search before asking this question but didn't find an answer. Until recently, anyone who bought a print from my SmugMug gallery was given the option of cropping during checkout. It appears that now the image is cropped during the ordering process to fit the paper size with no option to leave it uncropped. Is that correct or am I missing something? I always advised customers not to crop, even though that meant getting a custom mat.


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    Hi there,
    Did you also take a look at the shopping cart after adding an item to the cart? That allows you to pick the no crop option for any item in the cart.

    While our "add to cart" screen doesn't have this option, it's not a recent change, but has been like this ever we offered the brand new add to cart, which makes it much easier to view the different products available and see how they would fit a given photo. It also provides easily viewable additional information on many products without having to rely on external pages.

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    Thanks, Sebastian. Obviously I was missing something, not for the first time.

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