Google comes up with way to remove watermarks

Cygnus StudiosCygnus Studios Registered Users Posts: 2,294 Major grins

Someone at google has entirely too much time on their hands to come up with this kind of thing.




  • JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,087 moderator

    most certainly. I'm constantly changing up my watermarks. Sometimes I have more than one on an image too. Depends on the content of the photo and how much I find it on sites that don't have permission.

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    I came up with a way to watermark my photos and not seen unless you know where and how to view it. The last thing done in photoshop is zoom in to like 200 or 300%, and then pick an area that you will remember and type in your name, nickname, or website address, in a small size and color slightly lighter that the color your typing text on. On a portrait, I like to do this in an eyebrow, on a landscape I put it on a bush or trunk of tree. You can find a lot of places to hide a watermark that if they do find it and try to remove it, it will be very easy to prove that they attempted to remove it.

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