Replacing the quick release clamp on Joby ball head with Manfrotto RC2 clamp?

RhuarcRhuarc PilotographerRegistered Users Posts: 1,550 Major grins

I just purchased a Gorillapod SLR Zoom, and ti comes with a nice compact Joby ball head. I also use a Manfrotto tripod that uses the RC2 quick release plate type. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with replacing the quick release clamp (not the entire ball head, just the clamp that sits on top of the post) with the Manfrotto clamp that is compatible with the RC2 plates.

I know I could just get a small Manfrotto ball head that would be compatible, but I think this would be more expensive, and since I rarely use my main tripod I am more interested in just transferring the clamp from my Manfrotto ball head and using it on the Joby ball head post for now.

Thanks all!

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