Mini-Challenge #251: Weather - RESULTS

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OK, I'm new at this so please bear with me if this post is a little disorganized. I did have fun with my first mini, and thanks to all who participated. Since I made you wait a couple of days for the results, I’ll just dive right in.

Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:
grandmaR: Fog in Oriental (North Carolina). I love the feel of the air and the way sounds are muted in the fog by water, and this photo captures that perfectly.

Cavalier: Bridal Veil in the Fog and storm. Yosemite, CA. Yosemite is probably my favorite place and your photo shows a moodiness that I usually don’t see there.

GSPeP: A frosty morning. This is a perfect view of a crisp winter morning.

Third place—Tie:
DavidRGillespie: Bands of rain and light. I think I am always drawn to interesting things light does in photos, and this is one of those cases. It was tough to choose since I also liked the canoe photo, but I think this really shows an interesting view of weather which is what I was looking for. Right up until I typed this I thought I was going to pick the canoe :smile:

Cavalier: Angry clouds and storm at sea near Capitola, Ca. Jo, I swear I can feel the wind and hear the gulls when I look at this photo. The interesting texture of the clouds is great.

Second place—pegelli: Snow in the Ardennes. Pieter, I just kept coming back to this photo over and over. The bright white of the snow combined with the dark blue-gray sky just grabbed me. I also like that the sky isn’t just monotone but that you can see the clouds and falling snow against it.

First place—JAG: St. Kitts rainstorm. Joyce, the Alaskan winter day photo is beautiful, but for me this one has more drama. The light breaking through the dark clouds and the shape of the shore on the left really draws me in. The quality of the light in the sky decided me on this one.

Joyce, the next challenge is yours. Congratulations. And great job everyone.



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