what do i say?

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hello all...

i'm a new member here and this is my first post. first, let me say that i am a retired events photographer. i have captured special moments every where from a kindergarten "may day" to the kennedy center. i have a pretty good grasp on what is an appropriate charge in most situations...

the other day, i got one i've never been handed before. i'm coming up on my own class reunion soon. one of the organizers contacted me and said "i just realized you're a photographer, and a good one! i'm in california, and don't know where to go over there on the east coast. we need someone to just do candids at the main event (a banquet), and maybe a few shots at the other events "~ ie a reception. a football game, a picnic and some sort of meet-up at the old school. i recall doing almost the same sort of thing years ago at the same school (not the same class) and charging about $300 to show up to just the main event, a dinner-dance. no group picture(thankfully), no couples portraits for sale (i don't know about future reprints). just coverage...

i anticipate providing them with an edited CD and walking away. what the heck do i ask to cover my own class reunion? i'm tempted to say "nothing", but i do know that if you do it for free, it's not appreciated like you'd think!

feedback. please! what do you think?


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    Unless you really really want to spend your class reunion taking photos instead of socializing and relaxing (or whatever), I would tell them that you'd rather be free to enjoy the reunion as a member of the class and recommend someone else to do photos.


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    I agree with Sherry. Go and enjoy yourself. If you feel the need the work instead, at least charge them enough to make up for missing the fun of a reunion, including travel expenses and an hourly rate. If you're going as the photographer, charge like it.


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    thank you for your responses. i agree with what you've said, but i think they just want light coverage. the kind anyone would do who brought a camera to a reunion. only better. ha.
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    They may very well only want "light" coverage, but I've found that people always have expectations and whether they pay or not, they still want those expectations met. This could be quantity or quality or whatever.

    This is your reunion, not work. Go have fun and suggest that they run an ad on craigslist. There are plenty of people willing to go take pics.


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    thanks to all in helping me put my thoughts into words. now i think i know how i will proceed! cheers!
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    You can't be partially pregnant. No, wait... that's a different discussion.

    You can't be partially the official event photographer. Either decide to be it, or not. Don't think you can really do both and enjoy it.

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