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Hi guys,

I have a customer who is asking for larger framed prints than I offer on my site, earthphotos.com. I have found a chart here: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/articles/93359 that lists sizes in a discussion of resolution. Is this chart the definitive list of sizes available from the four labs? If not, is there a list somewhere that you could point me to? Do you have a resource that lists what sizes are frame-able by your various providers?

Let us assume for now that the resolution of the photo he might choose is sufficient for enlargement. In that case I guess I'm asking for help on what to tell my customer the largest sizes are that I can ship to him, framed.



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    You should be able to see the largest print sizes available from the lab you have associated with the gallery (via SmugMug) if you click the buy button when you are logged in to your account. That will not limit the sizes to those that you have priced.

    You might also check the lab's web site to see if there is a larger size available (than is available via smug) directly from the lab instead of buying the print through your SmugMug site. For example, here is a page from the Bay Photo site showing the print sizes they have available - https://www.bayphoto.com/prints/photographic-prints/. I don't know which lab you are using with your site but I think you should be able to easily find a page for the lab showing all available sizes.

    I'm curious - what size print does your customer want to purchase?

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