TRADES: CANON EOS-M (Mirrorless Gear)

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TRADES: CANON EOS-M (Mirrorless Gear)



I have the following Canon EOS-M camera system gear, (plus a Canon EF mount - Tamron 70-300 lens), available for TRADES / Partial trades and cash flow to me.

I took the gear in on a trade-in deal, and I do not shoot Canon gear.

The gear available is:

1.) Canon EOS-M camera and factory box, extra battery (1 or 2) and accessories.

2.) Canon EOS-M - (EF-M mount) - 22mm, f/2 lens / (Prime)

3.) Canon EOS-M - (EF-M mount) - 18-55mm IS STM lens

4.) Canon (Brand) - EF / EF-S mount to EOS-M mount adapter -

  • (To mount Canon EF/EF-S lenses onto the EOS-M body).

5.) Tamron 70-300mm SP 4-5.6 Di VC 62mm Ultra Silent Drive (model A005)...with caps and hood
(- Canon EF mount.)

If interested, please contact me?

I am interested in possible trades offers / partial trades and some cash flow to me difference.

(Let me know what item(s) you have available to offer?)

Thanks for your time,

Have a nice day -


~ ~ ~

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