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Hi, I'd like to use an iPad as a picture frame, and display a gallery fullscreen with controllable timing. I've tried this a few ways but none quite hit all the marks. I can configure a gallery as a slideshow when opened in Safari, but that leaves the Safari app header on screen. The SmugMug app has a slideshow mode, but it doesn't have controllable timing.

Is there an obvious way to do this that I'm missing? Another app? Configurations within the gallery for the Smugmug app? If anybody is familiar with John's Background Switcher (https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/), I'm basically looking for that kind of ability on an iPad.

Thanks for any advice


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    There's a trick to get your configurable slideshow without the Safari buttons. It uses our "Mobile Web App" view.

    1. Set your gallery to Slideshow style and configure it's setting.
    2. Add "?mobile=true" to the end of the URL and load the page with that URL. You should see instructions for saving it to your home screen.
    3. Tap the share icon and choose "Add to Home Screen".
    4. Launch the gallery from the icon on your home screen. It should load the slideshow without the buttons of Safari.
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    Thanks much - I will try using the Mobile Web App view. I had done this for a standard gallery, but hadn't considered it for the slideshow gallery. I appreciate the tip!
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