Desktop sublinks/dropdown menu style on mobile

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First of all, I'm sorry if my first post here is a request. I wish I could be usefull to somebody but I'm still unqualified in these subjects.

'I'll try to explain what I need.
Recently some of my clients complained about the difficulty they had when searching for a specific gallery in my smugmug site, so I tried to find a way to go through folders and galleries faster and better.

My site https://albertozanardo.smugmug.com/

I thinks the sublink (aka dropdown menu) is a good choice, cause it helps to see all the folders in a single page without having to scroll. My problem is that mobile view is very different, and confusing, so I wanted to know if it is possibile to create the same desktop dropdown style even in mobile view, maybe via som html or css tweak.

Here you can see the desktop view, which I like, and what that's like in the mobile view, which I don't like (how does?):


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