SmugMug App - Add Option to Upload ONLY when Charging while on WiFi

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Using the SmugMug App for auto uploads, it would help ** immensely** if we had this option: "Upload ONLY when Charging while on WiFi". Yes, we have "Upload only when on WiFi". However, I've had so many very unhandy experiences with that option when traveling, etc. & trying to save battery power on my smartphone. If I'm shooting a lot with my smartphone, the battery is draining fast anyway. Then suddenly a WiFi connection is detected, & the SmugMug App, which I have set to auto-upload only over WiFi, starts uploading. This makes the camera & other apps slow to respond, drains battery, etc. It's very annoying, but it's annoying also to have to remember to turn off auto-uploads if you don't want them happening. And when you turn it off, the photos you took in the meantime never get uploaded unless you remember to go back & do it manually. I used to use a great app called "Instant SmugMug" instead for auto-uploads, & it had this feature a few yrs ago already-- "Only upload while charging on WiFi". But that app sadly appears defunct now, & I really miss this feature.

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