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I have posted on the SmugMug suggestions site and I've used my 3 votes but I'd sure like it a lot if SmugMug would offer more of the Bay Photo Products than they do. For example, these are all items I think that would sell well if they added them:

  • Clusters and Splits (I have to offer these as custom items now which is pain and difficult for clients and hence they don't sell well)
  • Calendars (I've looked for an on demand printer for Calendars but haven't found a good solution yet)
  • Cards (with the holidays fast approaching, I'd like to offer the many nice formats for cards offered by Bay Photo. All we can get EZ Prints)

Does anyone have any suggestions for work-arounds for these kinds of offerings? Good ways to offer custom printing?




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    Because Clusters and Calendars require extra software to get them setup, we aren’t looking to offer these at this time. We are always working with Bay Photo to add additional print products.

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