Sony 12-24mm lens? Any first hand experience?

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I am wondering whether anybody has first hand experience with the Sony 12-24mm lens? Anybody who owned Nikon 12-24mm or used Canon's 11-22mm wide angle lenses and can compare them to Sony's 12-24mm wide angle lens?



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    MarkSykesMarkSykes Registered Users Posts: 26 Big grins
    I have the Sony 12-24 and use it with the Sony A7R2.
    In the past I owned the Nikon version years ago, but I can't give you a side by side comparison if that's what you're wanting.

    From my experiences with the Sony lens, it seems better at the wide end of the zoom and is pretty useless at 24mm. If you're wanting good quality images.
    f5.6 and f8 are the best apertures to use throughout the zoom range.
    It's super lightweight too. Much lighter than carrying around the Canon 17mm TSE, which I switch from.
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    compasiune11compasiune11 Registered Users Posts: 33 Big grins

    I used a Canon 11-24 f4 L lens once and it has a huge field of view. I could never get use to such a view, too wide for me.

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    luckyrweluckyrwe Registered Users Posts: 952 Major grins

    I have the Sony 12-24 and used to have the Nikon 14-24. When I had the Nikon lens I think I shot maybe two dozen photos with it in eight years. But the Sony 12-24 gets a lot more use than the Nikon ever did. I debated getting the 16-35 but the extra 4mm is really something. Makes me think about the 10mm Voightlander.

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    Antonio CorreiaAntonio Correia Registered Users Posts: 6,241 Major grins

    Please post some shots with the zoom lens...
    Thanks ! :)

    All the best ! ... António Correia - Facebook
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