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Sorry if this is old news, but I finally found this out. I am often frustrated when uploading a beautiful, sharp image taken with my DSLR to Facebook, only to find it heavily compressed and resized, leaving it fuzzy and lifeless and no better than a phone pic.

Well, the simple secret, as described in Facebook's own help document, is to size your photo to either 720, 960, or 2048 pixels wide. I tried it, and it works.



An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.


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    This is interesting. Note that it also says to limit your photo size to 100k or less as well. I never do either one of those things and have never noticed the famous FB degradation problem. My standard procedure is to post Smugmug X2 size pictures which are 1280 pixels across and around 500k. Works for me. If you want to try those settings on a picture at some point I'd love to hear what you find.

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    No the 100k limit is just for your cover photo (your banner photo), not typical timeline post photos. I've tried the 2048 size (and well over 100k) for landscape orientation images and it's working great.


    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    Better to upload it on your portfolio website and share the link on Facebook. That's what I usually do...but having your suggestion above is nice, thanks! :)

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    I also always share the link on Facebook.

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