2017 Ocean City Airshow

JohnEBongoJohnEBongo Major grinsPosts: 338Registered Users Major grins
  1. V-22 Osprey
  2. Geico Skytypers
  3. Blue Angels Double Farvel
  4. Blue Angels Echelon Pass
  5. F22 Raptor
  6. F22 Raptor
  7. Lucas Oil Pitts
  8. Blue Angels Dirty Diamond


  • Jørgen_BjerringJørgen_Bjerring Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 4,062Registered Users Many Grins

    Fine series. My favourite is no. 4. It's a disgrace that the plane in no. 1 is called "Osprey". It has none of the Osprey's elegance. :D

    Jørgen Bjerring
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  • Cygnus StudiosCygnus Studios Commercial Photographer San Francisco's North BayPosts: 2,294Registered Users Major grins

    I love number 5, that is just perfect timing on that shot.


  • moose135moose135 Major grins Long Island, NY, Charlotte, NC and points between...Posts: 1,265Registered Users Major grins

    Nice work! Looks like it was a good vapor day!

  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 6,939Registered Users Major grins

    Super captures!

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